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Section VI - The Curve of Hope
Chapter 8 - Conscious Evolution


This emerging trans-modern worldview, involves a shift in the locus of authority from external to "inner knowing." It has basically turned away from the older scientific view that ultimate reality is "fundamental particles," and trusts perceptions of the wholeness and spiritual aspect of organisms, ecosystems, Gaia and Cosmos. This implies a spiritual reality, and ultimate trust in the authority of the whole.

Willis W. Harman, IONS'
A Changing Worldview'



What new capacities for change will emerge when we focus our hearts, souls and minds?

Several years ago a friend called me and asked if I'd have dinner with him - he wanted to share an idea that he'd lived with for years and had only shared with a couple of other people. After ordering dinner, he gave me a copy of an article written by Willis Harman, then President of the Institute for Noetic Sciences regarding the consciousness of all living systems, and asked me if it was of interest to me. I was surprised by my own response - an enthusiasm that came from deep inside me. My friend Jerry Kasinger's idea was to build greenhouse structures using state of the art technology for creating a nurturing environment and developing a relationship with nature that facilitated growing quantities of nourishing food that could be harvested daily to feed a whole family. I worked diligently with Jerry for two years. We focused largely on our business plan, raising capital, manufacturing including developing a prototype, and a marketing plan. The learning was intense as we were truly aOO_VI-8_2009-03-01 leading edge application in a transformational paradigm shift. We were advocating a change from corporate farming, with all its inherent centralized control and distribution logistics, to personal/family production, consumption, and control. As intriguing and difficult as it was to manufacture our first phase product, a ‘Garden Pod' (essentially a greenhouse), and to design all the technology for the second phase (making the ‘Pod' as reliant as possible on its own energy, water and nurturing systems), my heart was on phase three - essentially emulating nature's consciousness.

After almost two years of working together, we received the venture capital we needed to get started, completed our manufacturing prototype, and brought on board a staff of bright, dedicated young folks. I had done what I could with my limited knowledge, and the seeds had literally been planted that could only be nurtured with an understanding of Living Systems Theory. I entered the Whole System Design Master's Program then at Antioch University in Seattle.

I continue to try and better understand intellectually, experientially, and intuitively what is life, why are we here, and how might I blend my need to know with what is ultimately so mysterious. My own conscious evolution has led me to believe that I am part of an incredible love story with a universe that is alive and serves as the infinite container for the finite bodies - animal, vegetable, and mineral related through the quantum field.

And my conscious evolution is only a tiny microcosm of humankind's evolution. We are able to discern ourselves as if in a movie, taking steps forward and backward, learning at exponential rates and in ways that not only shape our intellect but also awaken our internal healing; we can visualize the vastness of the universe as well as the minute makeup of an atom. For those of you who saw "What the Bleep," perhaps you were as astonished as I to literally see that water molecules that had been prayed over had a significantly different, more symmetric structure than water that was ‘mistreated.' Or maybe you have seen or participated in experiments where intention, particularly intention of a large, aligned body, influenced an outcome. I believe that in just the short time since Margaret Wheatley articulated the concept of ‘strange attractors' (a term taken from Quantum Physics), we much better understand the power of ideas, birth, traumatic events, and communications and how we shift from one attractor basin to another because of the different attractive (and repulsive) energies. And from Buz Holling et al, and Panarchy , we understand that all of nature follows the same Mobius strip flow where every major change, such as a natural 'disaster' in the ongoing flux of life is initiated by an energy impulse that essentially causes movement from one attractor basin to another. This large influx of energy triggers a myriad of energy shifts creating new life and reorganizing. The system then settles into a quiet state until there is another significant infusion of energy.

  • As I write this chapter, several questions recur for me.
  • Where are we in this evolutionary process?
  • What do we need to learn to move forward?
  • What suspending of disbelief is required so that transformative learning and flow with change can take place?
  • How do we heal and cleanse in a manner that heals and cleanses at a cellular level?
  • How is the articulation of intention integral to formation of the infinite container of global community?




Each of us have had synchronism in our lives or it is a part of our family story - a form of telepathic communication, a haunted space, the discerning of spirit or energy, or just the complete unspoken communication with another person when in silence we knew what they needed from us. We experience the quantum field and may just take it for granted - what the heck is electricity, or what is this field that carries all our wifi communications?

What experiences have you had that you've been reluctant to share?
What experiences of others have you rejected from which there might be new learning when you suspend your disbelief.
What has opened up for you when you suspended your disbelief?


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